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About us

The Mediterranean Institute of Primary Care (MIPC) was set up on the 23rd May 2008 as an independent non-governmental organization/association with an international vision. It aims to support research, education and training in primary care in Malta and the Mediterranean region. Thus there are two academic streams within the MIPC, namely the research and training streams. The MIPC is financed by a trust held with the Bank of Valletta in Malta, and has been successful in organising local and international courses and events, and both participating in and leading major local and international research projects.


The aims of these MIPC programmes are to support, commission, coordinate and conduct policy-relevant research studies and training programmes on primary care, and relevant clinical, preventive and public health policies, and on systems to improve the evidence-base that drives quality primary health care services within the Mediterranean setting.


The objectives of the MIPC are ambitious, and include: supporting, commissioning, coordinating and conducting research that will improve health care delivery and patient outcomes; supporting clinician participation in clinical research through a central administrative office and trained study coordinators; generating research to support the practice of evidence-based medicine; providing opportunities for junior physicians to develop the research skills in study design and analytic methods; providing multidisciplinary training to conduct independent research relevant to primary care; and facilitating the transition from researcher to excellent teacher and role model for the next generation of primary care researchers.